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KHALILAH DAVIS Martial Arts Instructor

KHALILAH DAVIS in Chesapeake - Da Firma Training Center


Originally a city girl from Detroit, I have become a spiritual living, yoga loving, beach going, sunset chasing, barefoot in the grass walking, mountain climbing, tree hugging, lover of life! I’m evolving- and I like it. Yoga has helped me to grow stronger, more flexible and fearless both on and off of my mat. Through my practice, I have been inspired to really live each moment to its fullest potential. I am a firm believer that yoga is for everybody and for every body. From the kale-loving vegan to the steak eating, fur coat wearing meat eater, there is a place for you in my class.

In every class, my goal is to create an atmosphere filled with a spirit of playfulness, freedom, beauty, movement, relaxation and calmness while maintaining the integrity of each pose. Teaching yoga has become one of my greatest pleasures. My practice feeds my teaching and I teach to feed my life!

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