Dean Lister will be at Da Firma Training Center 912 Professional Place Chesapeake VA, 23320 April 3, 2021, tickets are $125.00 limited to only 30 people. If you plan to attend, I would get your tickets now!

Heide Tubbs Black Belt Gracie Jiu Jitsu Instructor

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Heide Tubbs Black Belt

Coach Heide has been involved in the grappling arts since 1994 when she started wrestling. She continued wrestling into college as a scholarship athlete at Cumberland College. Her love affair with jiujitsu started in 2001 after returning home and joining a Relson Gracie school where she stayed through purple belt. Heide recieved her Black Belt under Master Pedro Sauer and Ricardo Tubbs March 2021. Heide has a degree in nursing and has worked in the specialties and of hospice, rehabilitation & geriatrics.

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