Here is a quick tour of Dafirma Training Center

Here is a quick tour of Dafirma Training Center

Dafirma Training Center is an organization that focuses on character-building programs for Kids Martial Arts and Adult Martial Arts.

Whether your goal is fitness, self-improvement, or self-defense, we’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for at our school. Beginners can take solace in our easy-to-learn curriculum designed to teach self-defense while embracing the inner strength within.

The magic of martial arts is that it’s designed to accommodate everyone. Regardless of your size or experience, you’ll have everything you need to defend yourself in just a few sessions. Everything after that is just pure intensity, exercise, and self-development.

Meet our instructors

Our school provide qualified, knowledgeable instructors who offer each child an atmosphere of co-operation and fair play.

Professor Ricardo Tubbs

Professor Ricardo, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu expert with a black belt from Master Ricardo Cavalcanti, is celebrated for his technical prowess. He's in demand for strategic coaching, supports wounded veterans, and delivers top-notch instruction at Da Firma Training Center.

Professor Heide Tubbs

Professor Heide initiated her grappling journey in 1994. Excelling at Cumberland College, she was a scholarship athlete. Jiujitsu became her passion in 2001 at a Relson Gracie school. Achieving her black belt in 2021, she specializes in hospice, rehabilitation, and geriatrics.

Professor Alonzo Dunkentell

Professor Alonzo embarked on his Jiu-jitsu journey in February 2011 through the Royce Gracie system. In military service, he earned his blue belt under Royler Gracie, later reuniting with RGJJ for purple and brown belts, teaching self-defense passionately whenever possible.

Professor Kenton Givens

Professor Kenton, with martial arts roots in the U.S. Marine Corps since 2000, excels in L.I.N.E. and MCMAP. Serving as a Police Officer, 1st Sergeant, and K9 specialist, he instructs arrest control, holds multiple black belts, and is certified by USCCA and NRA.

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Why the Virginia Community Loves

Our Martial Arts Classes

Ryan Wilson recommends Dafirma Training Center

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Very detailed and specific instructors with ample experience to share in all aspects of BJJ. We learned the importance of connection with emphasis on the side-control technique. Greatly appreciated them taking their time while instructing.

Victoria Sparnicht recommends Dafirma Training Center

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DTC has SIGNIFICANTLY enriched my kids' worlds! They have learned so much from the Professors and Coaches who take an amazing amount of care and professionalism in their craft to teach our littles. We love the safety measures in place to keep it as germ-free as possible including the clean mats and equipment.

I also feel very safe with the owners having high credentials in the medical field, if something were to happen, they have experience. Big bonus!!!!

Kari Carnes recommends Dafirma Training Center

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I wish I could give them a bazillion stars!!! We searched for months for the right fit for our kiddos!!! Da Firma Training Center was the perfect fit!
Professor Ricardo and Professor Heide are the absolute best!!!! They are amazing with the little kiddos up to the bigger ones! The coaches are also amazing and we are so blessed we found this training center!

Ben G recommends Dafirma Training Center

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Da Firma Training Center is a special place. Incredible instructors, huge mat space, and a friendly environment. This school regularly hosts seminars featuring world-famous championship-level professional grapplers and Judokas. The training is incredible and has something for everyone, from beginner to expert. You'll make lifelong friends and be a part of a great team. I highly recommend you drop in for an intro, you'll love it.

Amanda Perrone recommends Dafirma Training Center

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DaFirma has been amazing to and for my son! He has found his “thing”. I’m so appreciative of the hard work and dedication they put into the classes and training the youth. They have brought my son out of his shell and he is thriving!

Robert Whitmire recommends Dafirma Training Center

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An excellent academy. In 2017, I was a purple belt and dropped in for an open mat. Ricardo welcomed me like I was one of his own. He and his students are really solid roles with outstanding techniques. After opening the mat, I purchased a hooded sweatshirt from them. Reasonably priced and comfortable (It is still my favorite sweatshirt). If you're relocating to the Chesapeake area, be sure to check them out.

More Confidence. More Focus. Get Fit.

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